Company of Heroes 3 Release Date Revealed

Company of Heroes 3 Release Date Revealed

Company of Heroes 3, the next entry in the World War II RTS series, is slated to release on November 17.

Company of Heroes 3 – Play Your Way

Company of Heroes 3 will be the biggest game ever in Franchise launch history. On release Company of Heroes 3 will feature two distinct singleplayer experiences, four unique factions for multiplayer and co-op skirmish, and new gameplay mechanics, all set in a stunning Mediterranean Theatre of war.

Company of Heroes 3 // PC Gamer – North African Operation Reveal

Watch PC Gamer’s exciting reveal of the highly requested Deutsches Afrikakorps, and our second single player experience, the North African Operation. (Note that the Mission Alpha testing period has now closed.)

Releases, November 17th 2022.

00:00:00 North Africa Trailer
00:03:35 Beginning of Reveal Stream: Overview North African Operation
00:04:30 Gameplay overview of the first mission
00:08:45 Interviews with devs and new faction overview
00:12:22 Maps, Missions & Mechanics Overview
00:22:01 Mission Alpha Reveal & improvements devs have made since the last Multiplayer Pre-Alpha

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Company of Heroes 3: Campaign Map Deep-Dive – IGN First

We take a deep dive into Company of Heroes 3’s campaign map as our month of exclusive IGN First coverage of Relic Entertainment’s WWII strategy sequel continues. Written by Leana Hafer.

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Everything We Know About Company of Heroes 3 – Release Date, Story, & More

Today we are going to break down everything we know about Company of Heroes 3 including its release date, story, rumors, & more. We also take a look at a few very creditable reports and break down what is happening with development of Company of Heroes 3. Please follow me on Twitter here: